Thorax Muscles [9.2.2011]

  1. Pectoralis Minor Muscle Innervation
    Medial Pectoral Nerves
  2. Pectoralis Minor Muscle Origin
    3-5 ribs near their intercostal muscles
  3. Pectoralis Minor Muscle Insertion
    coracoid process of the scapula

    (medial border and superior surface of)
  4. Pectoralis Minor Muscle Action
    Draw scapula inferior and anterior (stabilize scapula)
  5. Pectoralis Minor Muscle Blood Suppy
    -pectoral branch of thoracoacromial artery

    - medial pectoral vein
  6. Serratus Anterior Muscle Origin
    1st - 8th ribs (laterally)
  7. Serratus Anterior Muscle Insertion
    medial border of the scapula (anterior surface of)
  8. Serratus Anterior Muscle Innervation
    Long Thoracic Nerve
  9. Serratus Anterior Muscle Action
    rotate scapula, protect scapula by holding it against the thoracic wall
  10. Serratus Anterior Muscle Blood Supply
    Lateral Thoracic Artery and Vein
  11. Subclavius Muscle Origin
    junction btwn 1st rib and it's costal cartilage
  12. Subclavius Muscle Insertion
    Inferior Surface of Middle 3rd of clavicle
  13. Subclavius Muscle Innervation
    subclavian nerve
  14. Subclavius Muscle Blood Supply
    clavicular branch of the thoracoacromial artery

    subclavian artery and subclavian vein
  15. Subclavius Muscle Action
    Anchor and depress the Clavicle
  16. External Intercostal Muscle Origin
    inferior border of the rib
  17. External Intercostal Muscle Insertion
    superior border of the rib below
  18. External Intercostal Muscle Innervation
    Intercostal Nerves
  19. External Intercostal Muscle Action
    elevate ribs
  20. External Intercostal Muscle Blood Supply
    Anterior and Posterior incostal arteries and veins
  21. Internal Intercostal Muscle Action
    Interosseous Part (depresses ribs)

    Interchondral part (elevates ribs)
  22. Innermost Intercostal Muscle Action
    Aids Respiration
  23. Diaphragm Muscle Origin
    L1 - L3 Vertebrae

    xiphoid process

    lower 6 costal cartilages
  24. Diaphragm Muscle Insertion
    Central Tendon (an aponeurosis)
  25. Diaphragm Muscle Innervation
    Phrenic Nerves
  26. Diaphragm Muscle Blood Supply
    Phrenic Artery

    Phrenic Vein
  27. Diaphragm Muscle Action
    Most important muscle in respiration

    helps abdomen with lifting and strain
  28. Transversus Thoracus Muscle Origin
    posterior lower portion of sternum
  29. Transverse Thoracus Muscle Insertion
    Internal Surface of Costal cartilages 2-6
  30. Transversus Thoracus Muscle Innervation
    Intercostal Nerves
  31. Transversus Thoracus Muscle Action
    Weakly depress ribs
  32. Transversus Thoracus Muscle Blood Supply
    Internal Thoracic Artery

    Internal Thoracic Vein
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