Smurfs Contributions & Roles

  1. Harmony Smurf #1
    The Peace maker and out-spoken when necessary
  2. Baby Smurf#2
    Great with musical and exit greeting assignments.
  3. Brainy Smurf#3
    Proof reader of notes/assignments and assisting the Team Leader as needed.
  4. Hefty Smurf#4
    Note taking and distributing information to Smurfs via emails in a timely manner, Team motivator and a great assistant to the Team Leader if needed.
  5. Greedy Smurf#5
    Peace maker and an information officer
  6. Clockwork Smurf#6
    Keeps the Smurfs on track with deadline reminders and ensures the Smurfs get correct and precise information so we are all on the same page
  7. Dreamy Smurf#7
    Supply Coordinator – goes shopping to see what is the most economical purchase for the Smurfs required supplies and assists in any needed area with assignments
  8. Jokey Smurf#8
    Motivator who reaches out to any Smurf who may not be in good spirits
  9. Handy Smurf#9
    Assists with any assignments no matter how great or small the task
  10. Dabbler Smurf# 10
    Conference Call Coordinator - sets up our calls for the Smurfs to practice
  11. Natural Smurf#11
    Great with musical assignments and any extra women power where needed
  12. Vanity Smurf#12
    Hype Woman - very enthusiastic and motivated at all time for the Smurfs
  13. Timid Smurf#13
    Great note taker and is a good listener who also makes helpful suggestions
  14. Snappy Smurf#14
    Comic Relief - Enthusiastic and makes you laugh when a Smurf is down
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Smurfs Contributions & Roles
Smurfs Contributions & Roles