Air Fill Station

  1. What is the max. inlet pressure
    6,000 psi
  2. What is the outlet pressure
    50 - 6,000 psi
  3. What kind of safety feature
    Automatic safety interlock
  4. How many 30 min SCBA bottles can it fill
    30 bottles
  5. How many 1 hour SCBA bottles can it fill
    15 bottles
  6. What powers the booster pump
  7. What pressure does the booster pump boost to
    4,500 psi
  8. When do you use the booster pump
    When there is not enough pressure in either banks to fill the bottles
  9. List the steps in how to operate the booster pump
    • Run engine in high idle and engage the PTO
    • Leave one or two banks in the open position
    • Open the outlet shut off valve
    • Turn on the 110 v power switch. Pump will fill bottles to 4,500 psi
    • Close all valves, open bleeder valves and remove bottles
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Air Fill Station
Air Fill Station