Sea Floor

  1. What is an ocean?
    a large body of water
  2. What are ocean basins?
    Ocean basins are topographically lower, compostionally simple, and relatively younger than continents.
  3. Oceans and seas cover how much of the Earth's surface?
    they cover 70% of the earths surface
  4. How do we explore the ocean?
    Ocean drilling, unmanned and manned vehicles, sonar(including multibeam), seismic profiling
  5. What are continental margins?
    the area around continents where continental crust changes to oceanic crust
  6. What are the 2 continental margins?
    Active and Passive margins
  7. What are active margins?
    active margins have lots of activity, narrow next to trench, have earthquakes, volcanoes, and young mountains
  8. What are passive margins?
    no earthquakes, no volcanoes, no mountains- found within plates not at a boundary
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