Types of Concepts (8)

  1. Primitive Concept
    • Not easily explained
    • Defined by example only
    • Ex.: colors (red, blue, green), soft, hard
  2. Concrete Concept
    • Simple
    • Observable - directly or indirectly
    • Can be seen, felt, heard
    • Limited by time and space
    • Ex.: chair, table, tree, bird-chirping
  3. Abstract Concept
    • Not observable - directly or indirectly
    • Not measurable or testable
    • Described in terms of observable concepts
    • Not limited by time and space
    • Ex.: love, hope, desire, fear
  4. Variable Concept
    • Describes phenomena based on dimensions of that phenomena
    • Measurement on a scale
    • Ex.: BP, pain
  5. Non-variable Concept
    • Based on category or characteristic
    • Can be single-variable categories
    • Ex.: gender, marital status, sex, ethnicity; answer yes-or-no question
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Types of Concepts (8)
Types of Concepts