US History- Prologue

  1. sedentary
    settled agricultural life (more permanent)
  2. endemic
    native; belonging to a region
  3. Bering Strait/ Beringia
    the passage that the hunters crossed to Alaska (12,000 yrs ago)
  4. Cahokia
    • located near St. Louis
    • by 1000, major control of trade, shops and crafts, and regions & political activities
    • height- 1150 (6 miles)
    • populations 15,000
    • sharp class divisions
    • built mounds (large fortifications); didn't have large army
  5. mesoamerica
    • central american countries
    • thrived on corn
  6. neolithic revolution
    • transition from hunting and gathering way of life to one based on agriculture
    • hunting/gathering ---> farming
  7. Cro-Magnon Man
    • peoples who most resemble us in their aptitude for tools and facility for language (50,000 yrs ago)
    • identified after bones and tools were found in a cave in france
  8. clovis hunters
    • slaughtered herds of animals with sharp stone projectiles
    • named after blades first found at Clovis, New Mexico
    • may be responsible for the demise of big mammals
  9. archiac peoples
    • descendants of Clovis (had to make due with scarcity)
    • adapted to particular habitssearched for game continuously- fish, small mammals, nuts, deer, bear, caribou
    • discovered sunflower seeds and sumpweed edible
    • first us inhabitants to domesticate plants
  10. anasazi
    • colorado plateau
    • abandoned hunting grounds and settled near rivers
    • dammed gullies to capture run off from flash floods
    • sun and water central to beliefs
    • carved villages into sandstone and cliffs
    • built tryons and villages (Pueblo Bonito)
    • predecessors of Navajo
    • AZ & NM
  11. Leif Ericson
    • Norseman
    • sailed along coast of Greenland to shores of Labrador (1000 c)- little came from expedition
  12. moundbuilders
    • adena- ohio, miss river valey
    • hopewell- OH, Illinois
    • aztalan- southwest WI
    • poverty people- louisiana
    • etowah- Miss
    • moundville- AL
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