ch 26

  1. what percent of people could vote in 1820
  2. the right to vote
  3. liberal politcal party in england
  4. conservative political party in england
  5. the reform bill of 1832
    • 1) lowered property qualifications for voting
    • 2) gave more middle class males the right to vote (1/32 instead of 1/100)
    • 3) took representation away from areas of declining population
  6. a reform movement.... these people wanted more voting rights for men
  7. the people's charter
    • 1. sufferage for all males
    • 2. annual parliament elections
    • 3. secret ballot
    • 4. pay members of parliament
    • 5. lowered property qualifications for voting
  8. people being denied the right to vote
  9. formed women's social political union
    emiline pankhurst
  10. women who demanded the right to vote
  11. which amendment gave women 21 years or older the right to vote in federal elections
  12. an organized campaign of violence against the jews
  13. leader of the zionist
  14. what problem came with england inheriting new france (canada)
    • france- catholic
    • uk- protestant
  15. parliament's proposal of 1791
    • 1- parliament created 2 new canadian provinces
    • 2- upper canada called ontario (uk in majority)
    • 3- lower canada called quebec (french speakers in majority)
    • 4- each had its own elcted assembly
    • 5- result: by 1830 rebellion had broken out in both provinces
  16. durham's report
    • 1. urged upper and lower canada be reunited as the province of canada
    • 2. uk immigrationshould be encouraged
    • 3. colonist in the province of canada should be allowed to govern themselves in domestic matters
  17. original 4 provinces of canada
    • ontario
    • quebec
    • nova scotia
    • new brunswick
  18. a self governing territory owing its allegance to uk king/ queen
  19. 1st prime minister of canada
    John MacDonald
  20. 13 provinces of canada:

    • Manitoba
    • Prince Edawrd Island
    • Quebec
    • Saskathewan
    • British Colombia
    • Yukon Territory
    • NW Territory
    • Nova Scotia
    • Newfoundland
    • New Brunswick
    • Alberta
    • Nunavut Territory
    • Onterio
  21. who claimed new Z and Australia
    Capt. James Cook
  22. New Z original people
  23. what did england think of using new z as?
    whaling station
  24. longest ongoing culture in the world
  25. maoris did what?
    hunted, farmed, fished
  26. aborigines did what?
    hunted, fished, gathered
  27. people who wandered in search of food
  28. New Z 1st permanent settlement
  29. australias 6 colonies
    • new south whales
    • queensland
    • victoria
    • tazmania
    • W. Australia
    • E. Austalia
  30. a self governing territory owing its allegance to uk's king or queen
  31. local control over internal matters
  32. protestants of N. Ireland
  33. underground gorilla army
    IRA= irish republican army
  34. uk ireland compromise of 1921
    • 1. S. Ireland was given dominian status and was called the irish free state
    • 2. N. Ireland remained joined to uk
    • 3. S. Ireland declared its indepedance and became known as independant rebublic of ireland
  35. who purchases louisianna territory
    thomas jefferson
  36. indian removal act
    • jackson pushed it.
    • said all indians east of mississippi had to move west of mississippi.
    • movement called: trail of tears
  37. political statement that us should go from sea to shining sea
    manifest destiny
  38. states that us will aquire after mexican war
    • CA
    • Nevada
    • Utah
    • whyoming
    • arizona
    • new mexico
  39. who will win electon of 1860
  40. 1st state to w/draw from union
    S. carolina
  41. seven states that w/drew called... ?
    confederate states of america
  42. which amendment outlawed slavery
  43. which amendment allowed blacks to become us citizens
  44. which amendment allowed blacks to vote
  45. before civil war immigrants came from:
    N and W Europe
  46. after civil war most immigrants came from
    S and E Europe
  47. who invented lightbulb
    thomas edison
  48. who invented telephone
    alexander bell
  49. henry ford's great contribution
    assembly line
  50. built 1st internal combustion engine using gasoline
  51. build 1st internal combustion engine for larger vehicles
  52. industries effected by auto
    • steel
    • oil
    • rubber
  53. 1st electrical battery
  54. electical generator invented by?
  55. telegraph built by?
    samuel morse
  56. airplane?
    wright brothers
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