Dental Assisting Mod 170

  1. Alveoplasty
    The surgical shaping and smoothing of the margins of the tooth socket after extraction of the tooth generally in preparation for the placment of a prosthesis.
  2. Baseplate
    Rigid, preformed shape used during the fitting of a full denture to represent the base of denture.
  3. Border Molding
    Process of using fingers to contour a closer adaptation of the margins of an impression while still in the mouth.
  4. Centric Relation
    Having the jaw in position that produces a centrally related occlusion.
  5. Connector
    Piece of metal that joins the various parts of a partial denture ; Also called BAR.
  6. Edentulous
    With out teeth.
  7. Flange
    Parts of a full or partial denture that extend from the teeth to the border of the denture.
  8. Framework
    Metal skeleton of a removable partial denture.
  9. Full Denture
    Prosthesis that replaces all of the teeth in one arch.
  10. Immediate Denture
    Temporary denture placed after the extraction of anterior teeth.
  11. Mastiication
  12. Occlusal Rim
    Rim built on the baseplate to register vertical dimension and occlusal relationship of the mandibular and maxillary arch.
  13. Partial Denture
    Removable prosthesis that replaces teeth within the same arch.
  14. Pressure Points
    Specific areas in the mouth where a removable prosthesis may rub or apply more pressure.
  15. Relining
    Procedure to resurface the tissue side of a partial or a full denture so that it fits more accurately.
  16. Resorption
    The body's processes of eliminating existing bone or hard tissue structure.
  17. Retainer
    Device used to hold attachments and abutments of a removable prosthesis in place.
  18. Template
    Clear plastic tray that represents the aveolus as it should appear after teeth have been extracted.
  19. Tori
    Abnormal growths of bone in a specific area.
  20. Tuberosity
    Rounded area on the outer surface of the maxillary bones in the area of the posterior teeth.
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