Bio Lab 2

  1. What is the medium in which life evolved on Earth?
  2. Are water molecules weakly or strongly bonded together?
  3. What does the weak bond in water help it do?
    stay liquid when other molecules that size are gases
  4. What is cohesion?
    Attraction to other water molecules
  5. What is adhesion?
    when water molecules are attracted to other materials
  6. What is surface tension?
    it describes the cohesion of water molecules. (this it what causes water to pull itself into the shape with the smallest surface area)
  7. What is capillary action?
    what plans use to pull water from the soil into roots
  8. what is transpiration
    the transportation from roots through the rest of the plant
  9. What is chromatography?
    the process which the components of a mixed solution are separated along a matrix
  10. What happends because of the empty space in the middle of an ice cube molecule?
    helps ice float
  11. what is the most acidic example?
    battery acid
  12. what is the pH of stomach acid
  13. What is the most basic example
    Liquid Drain cleaner
  14. what is the pH of the mitochondria?
  15. What is the pH of human blood
  16. What do acids donatate in acid/base reactions?
  17. What do bases donate in acid/base reactions?
    OH (-)
  18. What are Anthocyanins
    a class of compunds that occur naturally in many differenct plants. (can be used as a acid/base indicator)
  19. What does a anthocyanins turn if it is an acid
  20. What color does an anthocyanins turn for a base?
  21. What color are anthocyanins for neutral
  22. What are test papers useful for estimating?
    pH of clear and colored solutions
  23. What should you use to measure pH to get the accuracy and precision
    pH meter
  24. What is an electrode
    a meter that is sensitive to hydrogen ion concentration
  25. What is the read out meter
    a pH scale
  26. What is the calibration control?
    permits the meter to be set to the pH of a calibration standard.
  27. What is the first line of defence for a cell?
    plasma membrane
  28. Where is the plasma membrane located in plant, fungi, and bacteria?
    just beneath the cell wall.
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