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  2. How do I create cards on my device?
    From the main screen, select the menu Card Management, and then Create Cards.

    Fill in the required information and then click Next.

    When you are finished editing your cards, click Preview, and then Save.

    You can also edit and delete these cards with the Edit Cards and Delete Cards menus.
  3. How do I create cards on the website?
    The easiest way to create cards is by using a computer.

    Go to and create a card set on the web.

    Then, from your device's main screen, select Card Management -> My Account.
  4. How do I create more complex cards?
    You can create cards with custom colors, sizes, formats and more through the web. More information about formatting is available on the website
  5. What's the difference between Skim, Medium, Thorough and Test?
    Skim: Skim will simply flip cards until there are no cards left.

    Medium: Medium will flip through cards, but repeats cards that you get wrong.

    Thorough: Thorough attempts to help you learn a large number of cards at once - eg. studying for a final exam. The card pile will be cycled through in larger and larger chunks. Problem cards are repeated often, and cards that you continue to get right will eventually be hidden.

    Test: Test flips through all the cards once and tells you how you did.
  6. What are flashcard tags and how do they work?
    Tags are search keywords associated with a file. For example, if you create 3 vocab words card files with associated tags

    •      Set A      french verbs ir
    •      Set B      french verbs er
    •      Set C      french nouns

    If you search cards with the tags "french", you will include all cards from all files. If you search cards with "french verbs", or "fre ve", you will get cards from Set A and Set B. Now click the Use Listed button in the upper right. Only the cards in the current list will be used.

    This makes it easy to study for just a french verbs test, or study all french cards from the entire year!
  7. What if I have questions or comments?
    Email with the subject Flashcards.
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