Getting Started on iOS/Android

Tutorial Instructions:
This is a quick tutorial to help get you started on the iOS/Android apps. This will give you some not so obvious tips on how to
  1. This first step is to create an account. This is optional. You may create cards anonymously, but creating an account gives you easy access to your own cards. Create Account Here.
  2. Next follow the instructions for creating a set of cards online.
  3. Then open the Flashcards application on your mobile device.
  4. Select the menu option (iOS in the lower right, Android on the upper right). Choose Card Management.
    main screen main screen

  5. Touch Browse By Account and then enter the account name you created (or choose Browse All Online Cards). You may enter the names of any account name to get a list of cards they have created. For instance, if you are studying with a friend, you may want to enter their account name. However, if that person has marked their cards as private, you will not be able to download without entering their account password.
    account screen account screen

  6. Now wait for the cards to load. You will see the cards your account has created.
    account list account list

  7. You can also enter a search term or card id to search for specific cards. When you've found the cards you want, touch the list item.
  8. This brings up a preview window of all the cards. Touch the Save button in the upper right.
    preview preview

  9. The cards have now been added to your list. Touch the button in the upper left to go back to the main screen.
  10. We are going to change the quiz mode to Medium. This will cycle through cards and repeat which ones you get wrong. Click the mode button in bottom middle and select Medium.
    test mode test mode

  11. Your cards should be in the list. You can touch an item in this list to bring up those cards, or ...
    main list main list

  12. I would like to study for my french test, including all of my verbs and nouns. In the top search bar, I am going to start typing in the word french until I see only the 2 card sets displayed.
    (I could also type "fr ve" to match "french verbs").
    filtered filtered

  13. Now click the Use Listed button in the upper right. This will select all cards showing in this list.
  14. The flashcards quiz will start! Touch the screen to continue.
    multiple sets multiple sets

  15. Press the circle button for cards you get right, the x button for cards you get wrong.
    card cafrd

  16. Finished!
    results results

  17. Press the grey X in the upper right to return to the cards list. Feel free to change options in the Settings menu and then start the quiz again.